Finding the Meaning in Failure

failurePerhaps you’ve recently faced failure, a bankrupted small business, an unpublished manuscript or a declined proposal for a date.  If you’re endeavoring at all in life, you will undoubtedly fail at some of your attempts, maybe at many.  But that’s okay.  Failure has many favorable aspects.  Here are some of them.

There’s beauty in failure.  [Read more...]

Lost Job, Found Joy

A year ago, a close friend of mine lost his job.  He was a successful compliance officer at a bank.  He worked hard at his job, and he was good at it, but changing economic realities left my friend with a new reality of his own: unemployment.

Being fired is mortifying.  It’s confidence crushing.   And it’s financially horrifying.  My friend felt all of these emotions.  These negative feelings only multiplied when, after many months, despite strong credentials, he still couldn’t find another position.  He was married, with a home and a young child.  His moderate savings were quickly being depleted.  He felt overwhelmed and completely at a loss. [Read more...]

Surviving Tight Financial Situations

Almost everyone faces financial difficulties nowadays. If you’re struggling with money and towering with debts, you may feel overwhelmed with the situation. You might feel depressed and you may think that there’s no hope. However, there are many people who’ve been in the same situation as yours, but were able to get back up. If they can do it, you can too. You need to stay positive in order to be on the right track. This would not resolve all your problems in a snap, but this is a good start and staying this way, coupled with hard work could help you reach financial freedom. Here are some ways on how you can cope up with tight finances.

Focus on Today

You may spend your time thinking of what happened in the past and feeling sorry for the wrong decisions that you’ve done, which led to this situation. Accept that there’s nothing you can do on what has already happened. Focus on what you can do now. Learn from the mistakes you made so you wouldn’t do the same today.

Thinking too much of the future would also not help. While planning ahead can be helpful, you can’t resolve all your problems at once. Take it one step at a time to avoid stress. You may also set realistic goals that you can accomplish today.

Have a Budget and Stick to It

Reassess your budget and see where you can cut back on your expenses. Focus on what you need most and let go of things that you don’t really need. You may realize that there are many unnecessary expenses that you can survive without. For instance, instead of always dining out, prepare your own meals as this is cheaper. If running a business and you have a huge office, for example in New York, you may consider moving to a smaller space. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a smaller commercial space for rent in NYC as there are over 5,000 office spaces available. They vary in prices so you would find one that suits your budget.

Get Help

Don’t isolate yourself. Open up to your friends and family. You may also join a support group to connect with people who are also facing the same problems, as well as meet counselors that could help you get a positive outlook in life.

Be optimistic and work in achieving your goal. Things will eventually get better.

6 Positivity Tips For The Busy Professional

I love my job, but that doesn’t mean I’m always happy with it. From screaming toddlers in my waiting room to in-laws who insist on cracking lawyer jokes every Thanksgiving, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and become a monk in Nepal. It would be quieter, anyway.

The good news is that if you’re like me, overworked and overstressed, you don’t have to remain that way. Here are six tips that I’ve found quite useful for staying sane even with a crazy career.

1: Get Up Early
Sleeping in is one of those things that you enjoy at the time, but once you wake up and put your feet on the floor, you’re full of despair at how much of your morning you wasted. This in turn will cast a shadow over your entire day and put you in a bad mood before you even get out of bed. Say no to the snooze button.

2: Take Time For Yourself
Whether it’s a cup of coffee before everyone else wakes up or a few chapters of a good book before bed, it’s important to unplug yourself from the world every once in awhile. You know how all your best ideas come when you’re in the shower? That’s because you’re allowing your brain to relax and wander. The rest of your psyche needs that downtime, too.

3: Smile At Strangers
The next time you’re walking down the street, smile at everyone you pass. The next time your waiting room is full of grubby, dirty children, smile at their parents instead of sighing. You’d be surprised at how much positive energy can be directed your way if you just put it into the world first.

4: Organize Your Workspace
A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. Sorting it out will not only improve your efficiency at work, but it will also save you from stress and anger when you don’t have to spend 20 minutes searching for your paperclips. Can you just imagine how much more positive you’ll be without that constant, low-level frustration?

5: Set Goals
I have a friend who works as a car accident attorney out of a firm in Vancouver. One of his daily rituals is to give himself goals before he leaves for the day. They don’t have to be huge, staggering things; they can be as small as “get through that stack of paperwork” or “talk to X number of people about the new deal.” They’re easy to achieve but will nonetheless leave you feeling productive and flushed with success.

6: Count Your Blessings
When you wake up, instead of grumbling about how you don’t want to get out of bed, wiggle your toes and think about how great it is that you’re alive and healthy. When you go to bed, instead of stewing on past mistakes or future problems, list at least three things you enjoyed about your day. “Count your blessings” is one of those cliched phrases that gets tossed around by every self-help guru on the planet, but it really can make you a happier, more grateful person.

These are just six tips for staying positive despite a life filled with work, family, friends, finances and all other kinds of stressors. If you can make even one of them become a habit, you’ll enjoy a much happier life on the whole. I know I do.

Feel Ugly No More with the Help of Plastic Surgery

Low self-esteem is one of the most pressing problems the society faces today. This might not seem like a serious issue for many people, but it actually has adverse effects. For instance, those who don’t feel good about themselves end up getting involved in drug addiction just to feel better. There are also those who end up being bullied by other people because of how they look like. Thus, it adds up to the lowering of their self-esteem. In fact, according to statistics, 77% of girls ages 12-20 in the US think that they are ugly.

The good news is that at this age and time, with the availability of modern technology, being ugly is already considered a “sin”. If you feel ugly and you don’t think you are at par with societal standards, then go for plastic surgery. There are a lot of procedures that have been developed over the years to improve your overall looks. You just need money to pay for the expenses and the courage to go through these procedures. If you feel bad about how you look like, then there are 2 easy remedies that you can go through.

Laser Facelift

Back then, facelifts were invasive procedures that came with great risks. However, this modern form of facelift allows you to have a younger looking face at very minimal costs. Fine lines and wrinkles are gone in no time. The best part is that there is even no need for a longer recovery time. In just a day or so, you can see the difference already. Thus, for those who feel ugly because they have fine lines even at a very young age, this is the best possible solution.

Choices for Rhinoplasty

One of the biggest insecurities of many people is their nose. They think that just because their nose is too flat or too long, they don’t look great anymore. There are also those with huge nose holes or wide noses. If this is the problem, then go for rhinoplasty. There are different types available to cater to your needs. There are those that will insert something in your nose to elongate the bridge. There are also some procedures that will trim the sides so as to make your nose look longer and slimmer. Once your insecurity is changed, then you will definitely feel better about your overall look.

Getting the Right Help

Yes, surgical procedures to look better are now available. However, you need the right people to do the job. Thus, you have to compare and contrast the options first. You also need to know if your surgeon is really good enough for the job. You must also check whether you are a healthy candidate for the procedure or not.

With these modern techniques, you already have choices on how to look good and feel good. Thus, if you continue suffering from low self-esteem or bullying because of how you look like, go for these procedures and be transformed. For the information on procedures such as Lazerlift in New York, go ahead and check this out. If you need a nose job in Atlanta, check out .

Moving Forward After Experiencing Financial Problems

When you suffer from a serious financial problem, it might be a bit difficult for you to move forward. In as much as you wanted to get out of your problem, it simply does not happen in a blink of an eye. However, you have to realize that whatever it is that you face in life; there will always be a way out of it. If you are currently suffering from financial problems, here are some tips to help you get back on your feet:

• Never blame yourself for what happened. Take note that these financial problems can happen to anyone. It does not just happen simply because you became less careful of your finances. You can also blame it on job loss, unstable economy, and many other reasons. Thus, instead of putting the blame to yourself, just find a way to get out of it.

• Change your lifestyle. If you happen to become lavish in buying things over the past years, try to cut back. Stick with the basics. Let go of the things that you don’t need. Do this gradually until such time that you can totally survive without the luxury you can’t afford.

• Make efforts to pay your bills on time and gradually pay off your debts. Make settlements with your debtors and promise them to pay everything off at a certain date. Avoid the habit of paying your debt with another debt as it will just leave you in an endless cycle.

• Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes, if your financial problems are really bad, you need help from experts. These professionals will make sure that you can find the right strategy to take you out of your problems. Just be honest with them and present to them everything that you have.

In no time, you will be able to move forward. Just remain optimistic and believe that no matter how big your financial issue is, there will always be a way out of it. If your financial troubles are caused by an accident or health condition that caused you to be incapacitated, you can seek the help of a disability lawyer. If you’re in Auburn, you can find an Auburn disability lawyer here.

Your Hair as a Way to Exude Positivity

The hair can serve as a good way of showing emotions and mood. It can indicate how or what you are feeling. It can somehow affect your interactions with other people, especially with those who don’t know you personally. As such, there are things you can do with your hair that can leave a good impression to those around you. The goal is not to saunter with your hair bouncing, similar to how gorgeous runway models do it. Exuding positivity with your hair is more than just making it beautiful.

Consider doing the following guides and ideas to make your hair look great and translate that great look into a feeling of self confidence and positive interactions with people.

1. Keep it clean and tidy.

It’s a basic. Most people are uncomfortable dealing with people who are unable to keep their hair clean and tidy. Unclean hair smells. Who likes getting close with people who shake off dander with every hair flick? Everyday washing is not necessary but you have to keep it clean and detangled. If you are suffering from scalp conditions that make you have oily hair and dandruff, you have to exert the effort to address these problems.

2. Have a hairstyle that suits you.

Sometimes, the haircut or styling you decided for yourself may not be the right one for you. It may make you look awkward. The wrong hairstyle may make you lose your self confidence. It wouldn’t hurt consulting hair stylists on what cut or styling suits you best. You can also consult friends and family members. The right hairstyle is not just about projecting an attractive image. It’s also about keeping you away from possible unfavorable comments you may not be able to handle. If you’re not comfortable having a haircut, there are hair makeovers that don’t require a haircut.

3. Avoid making your hair cover your eyes or your face.

Good interactions are hardly achieved without eye contact. If you keep your eyes concealed with your hair, people will find it difficult to have normal interactions or conversations with you unless they know you well enough to understand your quirks. Not many will want to have conversations with you if you seem to avoid making any eye contact, if you keep hiding your face with your hair. Also, if your goal is to avoid attracting attention by having your hair covering your face, it is actually doing the opposite as it makes you look unusual. It is way better to show your face and carry yourself with confidence.

4. Style it up.

Don’t get stuck sporting the same old boring look by having your hair in the same way through and through. You could use some variety. You could curl it slightly on your own. You can go over online hair curling guides and resources like this site to find the best curling iron and get useful ideas on how to curl your hair stylishly. There are also sites that can help you understand the styling options including differences between a curling wand vs. a curling iron. You can try this page or search for other online references on hair styling.

Your hair can make you look and feel great. You just need to have the right styling and the mindfulness to keep your hair clean and tidy. You may not realize it but the way your hair looks can affect people’s perception on you and can also reflect the kind of mood or emotions you have. If you want to project a positive vibe, let your help do its part in creating than positive and cheerful look.

Beating the Landlords at Their Own Game

The global economic crisis has taken its toll everywhere but, slowly, the world is coming out of the darkness and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, some sectors are racing towards that light a lot faster than any other and, in their haste to get there, are causing huge problems along the way.  We’re talking mainly about housing and the rental market.

Because the economy is on the up, many landlords have raised rents beyond the means of their tenants’ pockets and, with no financial assistance available, the number of homeless is rising fast.  We heard of a scheme that seems to have turned the housing market on its head and so we headed across the pond to London in the UK to see what was going on.

Living in a Box

Rent rates in London have literally gone through the roof, forcing many to find alternative and affordable accommodation.  One London charity stepped in to help and imported a load of storage containers, turning them into cheap housing.

They call the houses mYpad and they are, as expected, small, compact homes containing a small kitchen, small bathroom and living space with a flat screen TV and a single bed.  This is something that we could do, look around for storage container sales, like these ones, and convert them into affordable housing.

The average rent in London now is more than £300 per week whereas a mYpad comes in at around £75 a week. In some parts of the UK, this is considered a good price but not a real bargain. In London, they are being snapped up as fast as they can be produced.

New Beginnings

The brains behind mYpad is Timothy Pain of the YMCA Forest Hostel, Walthamstow, East London.  He says that the containers come in by ship from China into Tilbury docks and are then sent to be converted into homes, fitted out for living in.

He said that the sad part today is that most people who live in hostels don’t want to be there, they just can’t afford to live anywhere else. And, as soon as they get a job, they can’t stay at the hostel and they can’t afford any other type of housing.  The mYpad is the ideal solution for giving them independence and a place they can call their own.

The Cost

The containers cost around £20,000 and will only be built in certain areas to start with. It is hoped though, as time goes on, that funding can be obtained from the Greater London Authority and the mYpads will be adopted by other housing associations. At the moment, they are only available for people the YMCA is working with.

They do have plans to build around 30 more of them but this is nothing compared to the requirement for affordable new housing.  The reckoning is that if the UK does not increase the speed with which affordable housing is built, there will be a serious shortfall of around 2 million homes by 2020 which means that some people, especially in London, do not stand a chance of owning their own home.

On our return to the US, we got in touch with GP Storage Containers and got some information from them, which we hope to put to good use in the future. Check back with us for more information.

Effective Moving Strategies

moving-day-costMoving from one house to another is never an easy task. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a company to do the job, it surely requires a lot of time and effort. The entire process is also very costly. This is why seeking for help from moving companies seem a bit impractical. While some people would like to save their money and just deal with the situation on their own, there are those who don’t mind spending money in exchange of convenience.

If you are out of budget and have decided to do everything by yourself, you need to go through the following tasks: segregating, packing, and labeling. These are just among the steps that you have to undertake to expedite the process. It may be hard, but keeping a positive attitude will make things easier for you. Each of these tasks is important even up to the smallest details, especially since you are dealing with precious personal items. Thus, an effective moving out plan is recommended, to ensure an organized relocation.

Making a list

A list should be done ahead of time to ensure that nothing will be left behind. Since you are moving a lot of items, you might have a tendency so leave some of them behind. In making a list, you can create a timeline so you will know when to finish pacing certain items. You may estimate the time, but don’t forget to provide some margins since there are some tasks that are more difficult to complete than previously thought.

Buying packing materials

There are a lot of materials being used in packing things. Plastic bags, cartons, wire, and tapes, are just some of these materials. Before purchasing them, take a look at your valuables and think what you need to pack them up. To save some money, try buying in bulk instead of buying them one by one.

Storage and safety of valuables

Clothes, shoes, books, small home decorations, and other smaller items can be stuffed in a box. However, this does not necessarily apply to larger furniture. Thus, the best thing to do is look for a container rental company. With a storage container, there is no need to worry about how your valuables will get into your new home in one piece. Rental companies provide insurance where damage to property is the main focus. This is the part where you need to trust a particular company in handling your belongings and keeping it safe. For your furniture, rent a 40 ft. storage container like this. For smaller furniture, you can try renting containers of smaller sizes to save money. A 20 ft. storage container that can be found here may work for you.


Labels are used to make sure that all your things are organized. By using labels, there is no need to open all the boxes just to find a particular item. In making labels, make sure to use a dark marker so that you can easily find the box you are looking for. You can also try color coding if you want to be more organized.

Disposing items

While packing your things, it is possible to find some items that are no longer useful for you. Instead of throwing them away, try to sell them to other people by conducting a garage sale. This is also a way of making money to cover up for your moving out expenses.


Forget the Blues: Party Till You Drop

Take a cue from this group of workmates we stumbled upon recently. They don’t mind the dreary workweek because they are always up for some nice fun during the weekends, which help them recharge.

Relieving stress from work is best done when they were together, according to Sam, Mike, and Jasmin. These software developers are always under some real pressure to perform well and deliver the goods. Even then, they actually don’t mind that they have to look over their shoulders constantly because some new blood can easily take their seats away or they can be laid off from work without notice. Effective stress management allows them the confidence that they will get by and continue to be good at what they do, keeping the threats in check.

We have asked how they manage so we can share the secrets to you. Read on.

Lots of Backpacking

Weekend travels keep the yuppie group sane. They do a lot of it when they have the money to burn. They don’t mind long road trips and even strenuous plane rides, as they make it all the more exciting. They have conquered a good number of towns, suburbs, and cosmopolitan cities so far.

Lots of Adventures

What’s good about this group is that they do not always plan their adventure. They are game for every kind of excitement that will take their adrenaline right up. Bungee jumping, skiing, motorboating, cycling cross-country, and tasting exotic food – they have done a lot yet their imaginary bucket list is still quite long.

Lots of Partying

The combination of music, all-night partying, and fun-loving company surely make them forget all the blues that they acquired throughout their week in the office. Someone suggested they rent a Detroit party bus every time they want an exclusive night out with a bigger crowd of friends. It does a great time turning the night alive, whatever occasion it is.

There’s no sense dreading another Monday at work. If you have spent the weekend well, like Sam’s group always did, you will treat Monday as another reason to look forward to Friday night and beyond.

Creating Success from Superannuation Ruin

The global financial crisis came as a shock to most everyday Australians and many lost thousands of dollars in their pension funds, known as superannuation or super. In fact, many people had to delay or even come out of retirement to cope with these losses. During the financial crisis Australian superannuation funds were among the hardest hit financial products in the world. In 2013 a report issued on the topic suggested that most retirees will not recover from these losses sustained during the GFC. However, one Australian retiree looked upon this failure as an opportunity and managed to secure his finances and create a thriving fund that saved retirees millions.

The Crisis
Ken Philips remembers where he was when the news of the subprime crisis hit the mainstream news. He was planning a cruise with his wife when he happened to switch on the television to see a report warning of the dangers of potential financial collapses in America. It didn’t concern him much because it was happening far from his home in Sydney, Australia, but it would soon impact him and millions of other Australians. “It came as a shock, but we were not really concerned”, he said. However, Ken is a practical man and decided that night that he would put some of his retirement savings into precious metals. He created a self managed super fund with advice from and invited many of his friends, ex-colleagues and business partners to join the fund. His investment strategy revolved around precious metals and he had more than a thousand other people join him in his fund.

The Result
As the financial crisis worsened Ken and his fund were protected from the worst of the event, and they were actually making money at the same time. Before long others were joining in an effort to protect their retirement savings. His accounts were up 40% when others were in free fall and everyone wanted a piece of the action. As the crisis eased he diversified the portfolio and continued to make money for himself and the other investors. It was at this time that he decided to take the fund public and create a new superannuation fund that anyone could join.

The Super Fund
His fund was soon one of the fastest growing in the country and Ken was able to afford to take his wife on a cruise of a lifetime. The fund has continued to outperform other super funds and if you take into account the impact of the GFC it has exceeded other funds by more than 200%. Ironically Ken now proudly tells people that he made more money in retirement than he ever did in business. He has won a number of awards and received the Order of Australia in the latest Queens Birthday honors.

Ken saw a potential problem and responded before the crisis eventuated. There is a good lesson in this for all of us. It isn’t a matter or sitting and waiting for other to react, but taking the risk earlier than anyone else!

Don’t Feel Bad About Being Unemployed! Do Binary Options Trading!

Today, it’s harder than ever to feel good about one’s life situation. This is because of a lot of factors. For one, some people feel so bad about their looks because of modern society’s unreasonable standards of beauty. They hate themselves because they feel they don’t look great. For other people, the cause of their not feeling good about themselves is the fact that they don’t have a rewarding career. They feel like they’re just going through the motions and that they will never find contentment in life. Whatever the case may be, people should know that they can make themselves feel good about themselves. It’s really just a matter of adopting a different view of one’s current situation and doing one’s best to apply creative solutions to one’s problems.

In this post, I am going to concentrate on how people without jobs can make themselves feel good about their employment situation whilst earning a lot of money. The truth is that such a thing isn’t that hard to do.

Unemployment is a very rampant problem, and it has caused so many people from all over the world to feel hopeless. The truth is that people can deal with such a situation in a way that it becomes much less of a problem. In today’s world, for one, anyone can easily get by through online trading. The truth is that online trading has proven to be a safe and effective way for so many people from all over the world to deal with unemployment. In fact, some people have chosen to just solely focus on binary options trading. Whatever the case may be, no matter the state of the economy, anyone can easily engage in online trading and earn money.

Of course, some forms of trading prove “friendlier” to inexperienced traders. One of these happens to be binary options trading. One of the reasons why binary options trading proves easy and profitable to people is that engaging in it doesn’t involve having to make complex decisions. In order to make profit off binary options trading, people just have to correctly guess if the value of an asset will go up or down when the option for it expires. Correct guesses will always lead to people earning a fixed amount of money.

One of the people who have taken advantage of what binary options trading can offer is James Barnes. Here’s what he has to say about his experience:

“Even though I got laid off from work, I don’t have much of a problem about it. This is because I still earn a lot through binary options trading. Of course, I also have to credit my brokerage, Banc de Binary, for my financial success. Every time I place a trade with Banc de Binary, I always know that I have a high chance of earning. This is because the brokerage always gives expert tips and provides great learning resources to its clients. Right after opening an account at Banc de Binary, people receive amazing help from the brokerage. If you are unemployed, I encourage you to do binary options trading. It doesn’t matter which brokerage you do it with, but if you want the most rewarding experience, I highly suggest that you work with Banc de Binary.”